The FreeHand SystemWe think you'll love to work with it

  • FreeHand - giving you total control

    FreeHand puts the surgeon in direct control of the scope position.

    The scope is moved by the hands-free controller, worn on a head band or attached to a surgical cap, and an activation pedal. Mounted on the stack next to the monitor, an indicator unit shows the direction selected for the scope movement.

  • Tilt and pan movement

    The surgeon simply selects the direction of tilt and pan using head movements, then initiates the movement using the activation pedal. As soon as the foot is removed from the pedal the movement stops. The scope is now held stationary until the pedal is pressed again, providing completely stable, rock steady visualisation.

  • Zoom movement

    To zoom the scope in or out of the port, a swift tap on the activation pedal changes FreeHand to 'zoom mode', illuminating the zoom mode status, shown by a triangle in the lower right corner of the indicator. Once again movement is initiated when the foot pedal is pressed and ceases when it is released.

  • Speed control

    The speed of scope movement can be adjusted via the speed selector panel. There are three speeds available.

  • Easily Accessible

    The FreeHand system uses single use sterile desposables that are easy to fit. This allows the system to be used in back to back procedures without the need for separate sterilisation procedures to take place.

The System Demonstrated

Our Process

  • Step 1 Dry Lab Demonstration

    Organise a hands-on non-clinical demo to see the system and how it works

  • Step 2 Clinical Demonstration

    Let us help you set the system up for clinical use and support you in its operation during a live procedure

  • Step 3Develop a proposal

    Let us help you devlop the business case for the introduction of the system in your hospital

  • Step 4Training & Support

    We will help to ensure that you and your staff know all there is to know about the system and how to use to to increase operating room efficiencies

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