The History of FreeHandBuilding on solid experience

The developing story

FreeHand 1.2

The Current Version

In 2011 with a new Board and management team in place the company set about dealing with a number of limitations that had been identified with the original FreeHand device. In mid 2012, a new version of the FreeHand device was launched, known as the FreeHand 1.2.

This had a much narrower profile when compared with the 1.0 version and was easier and quicker to set up. In addition changes to the foot pedal and the way the indicator box is attached to the stack were widely welcomed by surgeons using the device

  • Improved Design
  • Improved Accessories
  • Improved set-up

The first product

Prosurgics and Endoassist

In 2000 a new product was launched by a British company called Prosurgics. This product, known as Endoassist, enabled a surgeon conducting minimally invasive surgery to control the telescope by using head movements in combination with a foot pedal. This meant that the surgeon had a very still image to work with as well as providing complete control of the direction of the movement of the scope.

  • Hands free control
  • Stand alone unit
  • Superseded by the FreeHand 1.0 by 2009

Moving on from Endoassist

The FreeHand 1.0

Although the Endoassist worked well it had a drawbacks relating to the size of the unit and the need to re-sterilise the arm between each procedure. The overall investment to gain these benefits was considerable and it was realised that a smaller, compact product was required that would attach to the operating table and be cost effective without the need for a large capital investment. The product, known as Freehand 1.0 was launched in 2009 and was used by many centres in Europe and the USA.

  • Compact
  • Attaches directly to the operating table
  • Low capital cost

OR Productivity plc

New Investment

Prosurgics, the company who originally developed the Freehand system, was aquired by FreeHand Surgical plc, which in 2010 entered administration. The assets relating to the FreeHand were acquired by a new company, Freehand 2010 Ltd, which in turn (2011) was acquired by OR Productivity plc, a new company founded to exploit new technologies in the field of non-invasive medicine and minimally invasive surgery.

  • New management team
  • Driving incremental product improvement
  • New investment

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