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Operating Theatre Summit 2017


FreeHand is at the Operating Theatre Summit being held at Old Trafford, Manchester today (23rd May 2017) alongside Olympus. We are here demonstrating how the Freehand technology integrates with cutting edge camera and display products.

At the Operating Theatre Summit experts will be providing insights into:

  • • maintaining staff numbers and morale;
  • • how to improve and restoring the public’s confidence in theatre safety;
  • • how to implement best practice;
  • • how to harness technology to create efficiencies and improve outcomes.

Philippe Grange will be speaking about the Olympus integrated operating theatre solution at Kings College London and the benefits it provides.

The FreeHand camera controller integrates easily with the new display technology making the best of high resolution and 3D systems. Alongside the benefits that improved camera technology offers, FreeHand provides a stable platform from which to hold and manipulate the camera. This increases the predictability of the image for the surgeon (i.e. removing the potential for camera drift, shaking and miscoordination with assistants) during laparoscopic procedures.

Robotic assisted surgery offers many benefits and ultimately offers a path to a better standard of care for patients. Our existing system and those products in our development pipeline:

• Give cost effective access to a solution which reduces the reliance on staffing to hold cameras;
• Provide a rock steady image from which to operate;
• Allow the investment in cameras, surgeons and theatres to be better utilised;
• Offer the potential to reduce operating times and avoid cancellations.

If you are a surgeon and would like to try FreeHand for yourself or get involved in our development programme then please contact us.

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