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Mediflex® RELIEF™ - Now Available


New Product: The Mediflex® RELIEF™ Handle

The Mediflex® RELIEF™ Handle is now available to combat muscle tension and chronic symptoms caused by laparoscopic instrument use.

This solution is an ergonomic reusable instrument handle which combines with the Mediflex disposable tips to provide a first-class surgical solution at a competitive cost.

- Addresses repetitive motion discomfort and injuries experienced by surgeons.
- Reduces muscle nerve and tendon stress associated with grasping and gripping.
- Reduces tension on all muscles of the hand, arm and shoulder.
- Allows the thumb to follow its natural sequence and range of movements.
- Is ambidextrous.
- Is available on Mediflex® Cutting Edge and Deluxe Instrument Systems.

The ambidextrous Mediflex® RELIEF™ Handle has a unique pivoting ring handle which reduces muscle, nerve and tendon stress associated with gripping laparoscopic instruments.

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