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The Deluxe Modular System represents the best in quality, variety and value of any traditionally designed laparoscopic instrument. Its most appreciated feature allows it to be treated as a 1-piece, a 2-piece or a 3-piece instrument. This lets hospitals adapt their own best practices in processing; for example total disassembly for cleaning, but assembly prior to Sterilization. Thus a clean, sterile instrument that does not need to be assembled in the darkened laparoscopy suite.

These Reusable Lightweight Carbon Fiber and Insulated stainless Steel Handles come standard with a monopolar post, 360° rotation knob and a flush port for cleaning. Coupled with the Disposable Tips of the Cutting Edge System, they are an economic alternative to fully disposable laparoscopic instruments. Made from a durable radel material.

These handles fit within the Deluxe range of the Mediflex modular instruments components and are compatible with the following products:

a) Modular Shafts
b) Scissors
c) Dissectors
d) Forceps
e) Graspers
f) Components

Product Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Good economic alternative.
  • Made from durable material
  • Easy Cleaning
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Mediflex Composite handles use a surgical plastic material that reduces cracking and discolouration which often occurs in other materials.

This class of handle is avalable in 5 configurations:
Standard Modular Handle - Code: 91383-D-CF
Standard Modular Handle with Retchet - Code 91384-D-CFR
Modular Handle with French Ratchet - Code: 91384-D-FRC
Insulated Stainless Steel Handle with Ratchet - Code: 91282-D-RI
Insulated Stainless Steel Handle with Ratchet, no cautery - Code: 91282-D-NP

Length: 33cm
Rotation: 360° rotating collar

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