Lapro-Flex® Triangular Retractor

Product Details

Mediflex’s family of Lapro-Flex articulating laparoscopic retractors allows for convenient and atraumatic retraction of organs and tissue in the peritoneal space.

These retractors can be introduced through a 5mm cannula and articulated to their shape by rotating a knob in the handle. They are available in several different configurations including right angle, triangular and angled triangular.

Product Benefits:

  • Reusable articulating technology
  • Innovative tip design ensures minimal space is required inside the abdomen to form the retractor shape
  • Easy activation using actuating knob until shape forms completely
  • Full range of tip configurations
  • Atraumatic tip and shaft
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The Laproflex triangular Retractor is avalable in 5 configurations:
Lapro-Flex® Finger style Retractor 90 Degree. - Code: 91680
Lapro-Flex® Triangular Retractor, 80mm- Code 91683
Lapro-Flex® Triangular Retractor, 80mm, incurve- Code 91683-A
Lapro-Flex® Triangular Retractor, 60mm- Code 91682
Lapro-Flex® Triangular Retractor, 60mm, Angled- Code 91682-A

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Triangular Base Incurve: 60-80mm
Shaft Length: 32-38cm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm

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