Deluxe Relief Handle

Product Details

The Relief™ Handle has a simple yet effective design. The thumb ring of the handle pivots and adapts itself to the thumb's movement in each direction, without restriction. The thumb is able to follow its natural sequence of movements. Consequently, the leading cause of tension on all muscles of the surgeon's hand, arm and shoulder is greatly reduced

These handles fit within the Deluxe range of the Mediflex modular system and are compatible with the following products:

a) Modular Shafts
b) Scissors
c) Dissectors
d) Forceps
e) Graspers
f) Components

Product Benefits:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Available with or without Ratchet
  • Compatible with disposable tips to guarantee a sharp cutting edge
  • Compatible with reusable tips
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For more information download the product brochure and view the short video below

Fits any Mediflex Deluxe Shaft

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