FreeHand Storage System

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A combined storage and transport solution for the Freehand System.

When the system is not in use, place the whole system on the cart and store it safely.

Product Benefits:

  • Protects the FreeHand system from accidental damage during transport
  • Easy storage for the FreeHand System when not in use
  • Trays for all additional FreeHand items.
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The system holds the main body of the system at an easily accessible level, and has storage at the bottom for all the accessories and consumables.

When stored correctly on the Trolley, the FreeHand system is protected from accidental damage. The trolley handles provide a barrier between the arm and anything you may choose to accidentally knock.

Storage Unit Width: 58cm
Storage unit Height w/out FreeHand: 98cm
Storage Unit Height with FreeHand: 122cm

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