FreeHand v1.2

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FreeHand v1.2
FreeHand v1.2
FreeHand v1.2
FreeHand v1.2
Robotic Laparoscope Holding Solutions

The FreeHand v1.2 system is a laparoscopic scope and camera controller which robotically manipulates a laparoscope through 3 axes. It allows you to directly control the pan, tilt and zoom movement of the laparoscope without requiring you to take your hands off the tools you are working with.

Product Benefits:

  • a tremor free image
  • comfortable for surgeon
  • get the most from HD and 3D camera technology
  • allows solo-surgery
  • frees up camera assistant
  • fixed procedure cost
  • saves time
  • re-engages laparoscope in precisely the same position should the scope need cleaning
  • back to back procedures
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From a clinical perspective, the FreeHand provides a solution for holding the image a surgeon is viewing absolutely still and for moving it completely predictably - guided directly by the person who counts. The system is physically small and only has moving parts in the direct vicinity of the laparoscope which means there are ergonomic benefits for procedures where a surgeon might otherwise compete for space with a human assistant holding the camera.

FreeHand is configured into two main parts: the reusable control and robotic system, and a consumable pack which consists of a sterile zoom to hold the laparoscope and a sterile sleeve which covers the reusable part of the system. This configuration allows the system to be used consistently throughout a day’s list of procedures.

From a business perspective, the per-procedure cost is low and the system provides an consistently available service which means, once integrated, it will make your theatres less reliant on the availability of human camera holders - making cancellations less likely and allowing resources to be focused on more important areas of healthcare provision.

EU: Class 1 Device Conforms with the essential requirements and provisions of Council Directive 93/42/EEC and as amended, concerning medical devices.
USA: Class 2 Device Under relevant FDA regulations (Food and Drug Administration, USA)
Physical Characteristics
Control Box Height 19cm
Control Box Width 17cm
Control Box Depth 5.5cm
Supporting Arm Max Height 40cm
Supporting Arm Max Reach 58.6cm
Total Weight (un-packed) 7kg
Maximum camera and scope load 1.5kg
Operating Temperature 10º C to 40º C
Transprot and Storage Temperature -5ºC to 55º C
Operating Humidity 30% to 75%
Transport and Storage Humidity 10% to 95%
Operating Pressure 700 to 1060 hPa
Transport and Storage Pressure 500 to 1060 hPa
Supply Voltage and Frequency 110-240V~. 50-60 Hz 30W
Type of protection against electric shock BF Class II (double insulated).
Duty Cycle Rated for continuous operation with loading duty cycle not exceeding 12.5% over 4 minutes
Control Box fuse details Schurter 0001.2507 2A 20mm anti-surge fuse, UL File no: E41599
Indicator Unit power supply Input: 100-240V~/50-60Hz/250mA Output: 7.5V/1.2A
Hands Free Control Unit batteries Use only Varta CR2032 3V Lithium Manganese Dioxide cells, UL recognised: MH 13654 (N) only.
Range of Motion
Zoom 120 mm continuous zoom motion (scope advance or withdrawal through port). Scope Clip position user-adjusted to provide required range of motion
Tilt 90° continuous, -20° to +70° relative to horizontal plane of Robotic Motion Assembly
Pan 180º
Operating speed Three settings, specified as a percentage of the speeds shown above: Maximum: 100% Medium: 80% Minimum: 50%

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