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The FlexArm™ Plus is stronger, smoother and easier to use! Mediflex®, innovator of the Original FlexArm™ Universal Surgical Holding & Positioning Arm, introduces its latest generation technology.

Systems that integrate with the FlexArm provide a flexible, easily positioned solution for holding scopes, retractors and surgical tools. With its 12 tubular segments which move easily until locked with the handle you no longer need to wrestle with holding solutions having only 1 to 3 joints whilst you find the perfect tool holding position

The FlexArm integrates with a variety of posts and frames including the StrongArm, the long reach posts and other integrated post systems. It may be supplied with the Quick Connect system to allow attachments such as tool holders, scope holders and retractors to be fitted and removed quickly and efficiently or alternatively solutions are available with clamp devices permanently attached.

The full listing of the integration possibilities can be found on the Mediflex Website

Product Benefits:

  • Sleek Rounded body and knobs
  • Quicker, smoother tightening
  • Greater rigidity - up to 2 times stronger than previous designs
  • Attaches easily and securely to an OR table
  • Can be positioned in virtually infinite number of positions
  • Can hold a wide variety of scopes and instruments
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The FlexArm™ Plus is designed for speed and strength. 3 handle turns makes the arm rigid and ready for holding – 3 turns counterclockwise prepares the arm for cleaning and sterilization.

Contains: Long reach Mount/Swivel Ball Assembly (69098)
Heavy duty rail (69099)
FlexArm™ Plus Only, Quick Connect Hex Fitting (99056-QC)

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