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Frequently Asked Questions:

The following FAQs relate to the FreeHand v1.2 system. For enquiries regarding other products pelase contact us using the support form below, email us on or call us on +44 (0)1483 408 720

What UK customer support do you provide and how do I get it?
In the UK we provide direct support to hospital and staff using our FreeHand and Mediflex equipment. The best thing to do it to call us on 01483 408 720 or email: so we deal with your requiement as soon as possible.
The forms of support available are:
  • Telephone support for setup and user queries
  • Telephone support for technical issues on the product
  • Video conferencing training and support
  • Onsite staff training and clinical support
  • Engineering support - On-site or pickup and return services
How do I turn the FreeHand on and get it ready for use?
Scroll through the training video at the foot of this page or download the quick start guide.
The indicator comes up with a connection error symbol what does this mean?
There is either an obstruction between the indicator unit and the communication dome on top of the RMA, or the dome’s horizon is out of reach of the indicator unit. Remove any obstruction so that there is a clear line of sight between the indicator unit and the RMA and ensure that the indicator unit is no more than 1.8 meters away from the RMA.
The headset does not respond/is sluggish to respond what does this mean?
Make sure the batteries are not fully inserted into the headset, otherwise replace the batteries entirely.
What do I do if the symbols on the indicator are indicating the opposite direction to my head movements?
This is a simple case of reorienting the headset. The on/off switch should be on the top, with the company logo being on the underside.
How long does each zoom module last?
Each individual zoom module will last for a maximum of 8 hours, but will also expire after it has been disconnected from the system for 4 minutes or more.
While attempting to zoom there is a noise but little or no movement, what is happening?
This is usually caused by the system being misaligned with the trocar, and the zoom motor is struggling with the extra friction. This can be alleviated by realigning the system so the scope is parallel to path of the trocar.
How do I position the FreeHand v1.2 in preparation for using the system?

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