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Should you rely on camera assistants to hold laparoscopes steadily and reliably?

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Improve clinical outcomes

Mechanical and robotic camera and tool holders provide the foundations for a sound operating setup


Our devices can speed up procedures and better utilise critical staff and theatre time

Make life better for theatre staff

Holding a camera still for a long procedure is difficult, tiring and may reduce the effectiveness of the teaching and mentoring process

FreeHand Product Highlights

The FreeHand system provides hospitals and surgeons with an accessible robotic assisted surgical solution. Our current product, the FreeHand V1.2 provides a surgeon controlled tool for moving a laparoscope during surgery.


10 Patient Consumable Pack for FreeHand 1.2 Freehand Solutions

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Freehand v1.2 System Freehand Solutions

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The FreeHand System

Control Your Camera

The FreeHand system is an alternative to a traditional camera assistant. It is available at a very low cost and can contribute significantly to improving hospital.
  • Hands free operation
  • Rock steady image
  • Small and low profile
  • Flexible
  • Facilitates solo-surgery
  • Reduces scope cleans
  • Help reduces average case time
  • Reduces reliance on staff availability
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