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The FreeHand System Direct scope control Incorporating hands-free technology the system adds to the benefits of minimally invasive surgery though improved visualisation delivering a tremor free image Learn More
Contributing to surgeon comfort More space, Less stress Improved visualisation Learn More
Let FreeHand become one of the team Available Anytime Reduce the dependence on the availability of staff. The FreeHand system can reduce the number of people that is required for procedures to be completed on schedule. Learn More
Contribute to Operating Room EFFICIENCIES Bring together the benefits of minimally invasive and robotic assisted surgery to increase efficiencies and improve patient recovery times. Learn More

Have you ever wanted a rock steady image under your control?Maximize your chance of successful surgery

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FreeHand 1.2 the New Robotic Camera Controller for MIS

In today's healthcare environment, both surgeons and hospital managers are meeting new challenges every day: cost and efficiency targets, ever increasing competition, waiting time guidelines and revised surgeon training schemes.

FreeHand, the next generation camera controller for minimally invasive surgery has been designed to help meet these challenges at a level of affordability that makes sense.


    Direct connection between the surgeon and the scope


    Hands free operation

    LED assisted set-up

    Immediate and precise control of scope position with a wide range of movements


    No compromise on comfort and image quality

    FreeHand Provides:

    Rock steady image

    More space for the surgeon

    Re-engagement of the laparoscope in the same position should it need to be retracted


    Quick, Easy and Flexible Positioning

    FreeHand accommodates:

    Different surgical approaches

    Variable number and positions of ports

    A range of patient size

    Different patient positioning


    Improve operating room efficiencies

    By facilitating:


    Reduced number of scope cleans

    Easy set-up

    Lean and TPOT initiatives


    FreeHand can help

    To Achieve:

    Reduced average case time

    Increased surgery throughput

    Control or reduction in personnel cost

    Alleviation of EU Working Time Directive constraints

    Promotion of the hospital in the region and community

Could you hit a moving target first time?

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