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Offering the benefits of robotic precision and control to all laparoscopic surgery

While delivering improved patient outcomes by


Excellent surgical outcomes are achieved through the dedicated work of surgeons, OR teams and hospital staff enabling the best patient care possible.  The Freehand team shares this goal and through hard work and experience of over a decade and 15 000 cases, we have developed new collaborative robots (COBOTs), that are FDA & CE certified, to bring the benefit of robotic assistance to every laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedure. 

FreeHand Assisted Surgery uses the Robotic Camera Controller to provide a clear, rock steady image, where the surgeon has full and precise control enabling optimal efficiency in the operating field. The affordability, fast set-up time and ability to integrate seamlessly into existing ORs does not disrupt the workflow or standard procedure steps.  Its reliability and ease of use makes FreeHand Assisted Surgery available to everyone.

At Freehand we strongly believe that optimising the operating room working environment and supporting surgical performance brings better patient outcomes.
Through more than a decade of experience working with surgeons, we have developed a truly revolutionary robotic scope holder optimised for the post-pandemic environment.
General surgery

General surgery





Thoracic surgery

Thoracic surgery

FreeHand Benefits

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    Mastering your vision

    FreeHand robots provide a rock steady picture.

    • Precise movement IMC
    • Safe key position
    • Easier surgical area detection IMC
    Comparison of handheld vs robotic view through laparoscope during surgery
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    Increase your control

    • Eliminating the need for a camera holding assistant. Removing the stress of bilateral communication IMC
    • Offering a more extensive range of movement IMC
    • Adapting to current practice, modular design
    Operating room with transparent surgeon assistant and surgical robot
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    Reduce surgical time

    • Surgeon is in control IMC
    • Tremor free image
    • Reduce camera cleaning (minimising tissue contact compared with human) IMC
    • Allowing an immediate return of the laparoscope to the current operating position QRM
    graph from scientific study showing freehand is reduces surgical time
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    Optimise team ergonomics

    • Reduces pain experienced from holding the laparoscope RMA
    • Reduces eyes fatigue in HD and nausea in 3D
    • Increases manoeuvrability in the surgical field RMA
    • Relieves OR team workload
    Surgeon and assistant operating with discomfort shown in red
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    Increase Both patient & staff safety

    • Reliable and safe motion drive control technology IMC
    • Allows social distancing in the OR
    • Reduces exposure to aerosol generated particles due to fewer lens cleans
    aerosol release through port after laparoscope is removed for cleaning
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    Instinctive to use

    • Short learning curve IMC
    • Goniometric targeting LED arm placement system Goniometric Targeting System
    • Adapts to any camera from 5 to 10mm diameter QRM
    • Flexibility of placement on OR table rail QRM
    • Integrates seamlessly into existing ORs to adapt to surgeon's standard procedure
    • Great teaching tool
    surgical robot and surgeon with patient in operating theatre
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    Cost effective

    • Makes the most of investment in HD and/or 3D laparoscopes
    • No sterilisation needed SPP
    • Optimises human resources, allowing highly trained staff to conduct other urgent clinical tasks.
    • Reduces total surgical time and corresponding cost
    • Available at any time including emergencies
    reduced surgical time equals reduced costs for healthcare orgainisation
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    Improves patient outcomes

    • Offering a smoother & safer pivot point compared to handheld laparoscopes and hence avoids the known dragging effect
    • Less post-operative complications
    • Up to half a day shorter length of stay
    • Fewer post-operative visits
    comparison of robotic vs handheld laparoscopy highlighting the dragging effect

FreeHand Features

FreeHand collaborative robots (cobots) are fully certified; they are CE marked and FDA registered.

'Vista' and 'Panorama' are developed and optimised for different types of surgery.

Vista for urological, upper GI and bariatric surgeries

Panorama for gynaecological, colorectal and thoracic surgeries

FreeHand Vista robot tilt


90° continuous

-20° to +70° relative to horizontal plane of RMA

FreeHand Vista robot pan


180° rotation (-90° to +90° in each direction)

FreeHand Vista robot zoom


118mm continuous (scope advance or withdrawal through port)

FreeHand Panorama robot tilt


160° continuous

-80° to +80° relative to horizontal plane of RMA

FreeHand Panorama robot pan


360° complete rotation (-180° to +180° in each direction)

FreeHand Panorama robot zoom


118mm continuous (scope advance or withdrawal through port)

Instinctive Motion Control

The IMC provides a highly responsive, reliable, error free and user-friendly surgeon interface. Control is achieved with a simple 2-stage process; natural head movements set direction and the footswitch engages movement. There are 3 speed settings to suit the procedure and the surgeons preferred technique. This simplicity ensures a very short learning curve.

Surgeon with Robotic Motion Control Components Highlighted

FreeHand Headset

FreeHand Headset

The headset is used to select the direction in which the surgeon wants the camera to move.  

FreeHand Indicator Unit

FreeHand Indicator Unit

With a simple head movement, the selected direction appears on the indicator unit.

FreeHand Footswitch

FreeHand Pedal

The footswitch activates the selected movement when depressed.

Robotic Motion Assembly

The Robotic Motion Assembly (RMA) provides a rock steady platform that delivers a tremor free image.

It has a slim design providing a low-profile footprint and more manoeuvrability for the surgeon within the operating field.

The 3-joint design of the arm is controlled through the black knob, which allows for easy and fast positioning for all types of patient and surgeries.

The LED Goniometric targeting system makes the RMA set-up quick and easy allowing for optimal positioning and movement of the laparoscope before and during surgery.

Sterile Patient Pack

Both systems  VISTA & PANORAMA work with the same sterile patient pack (SPP).

The sterile patient pack consists of two boxes:

  • Zoom Module & Laparoscope Quick Release Clip – The quick release clip is designed so the laparoscope re-engages in precisely the same position after lens cleaning, saving time.
  • Sterile Sleeve – Covers the RMA to maintain the sterile environment

The FreeHand laparoscope quick release clip has an adjustable clamp to enable a range of laparoscope sizes to be used (from 5mm to 10mm diameter) while allowing manual rotation of the scope.

laparoscope quick release clip and zoom module
surgical robot arm with sterile sleeve holding laparoscope
Sterile sleeve

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