Freehand Surgeon and ProMed Partnership

Freehand Surgical Robotics Available Soon in the Balkans
Freehand Surgical Robotics Balkan Flags

FreeHand Surgeon and ProMed d.o.o. are delighted to announce an agreement for the distribution of FreeHand collaborative robots (Cobots), developed for minimally-invasive and laparoscopic surgeries in the following countries:

  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • Bosnia
  • North Macedonia
  • Kosovo

FreeHand continue their international expansion on their mission to make the benefits of surgical robotics available for surgeons, surgical staff, institutions and patients.

Surgeons benefit from a rock-steady image under their precise control

Surgical Staff benefit from much-improved ergonomics and safety

Institutions benefit from increased HR efficiency and lower costs related to post-operative care

Patients benefit from faster recovery times due to less reported pain achieved by enabling a smoother pivot point, reducing the dragging effect