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Operating Theatre Summit 2017

FreeHand is at the Operating Theatre Summit being held at Old Trafford, Manchester today (23rd May 2017) alongside Olympus. We are here demonstrating how the Freehand technology integrates with cutting edge camera and display products.

At the Operating Theatre Summit experts will be providing insights into:

  • • maintaining staff numbers and morale;
  • • how to improve and restoring the public’s confidence in theatre safety;
  • • how to implement best practice;
  • • how to harness technology to create efficiencies and improve outcomes.

Philippe Grange will be speaking about the Olympus integrated operating theatre solution at Kings College London and the benefits it provides.

The FreeHand camera controller integrates easily with the new display technology making the best of high resolution and 3D systems. Alongside the benefits that improved camera technology offers, FreeHand provides a stable platform from which to hold and manipulate the camera. This increases the predictability of the image for the surgeon (i.e. removing the potential for camera drift, shaking and miscoordination with assistants) during laparoscopic procedures.

Robotic assisted surgery offers many benefits and ultimately offers a path to a better standard of care for patients. Our existing system and those products in our development pipeline:

• Give cost effective access to a solution which reduces the reliance on staffing to hold cameras;
• Provide a rock steady image from which to operate;
• Allow the investment in cameras, surgeons and theatres to be better utilised;
• Offer the potential to reduce operating times and avoid cancellations.

If you are a surgeon and would like to try FreeHand for yourself or get involved in our development programme then please contact us.


Mediflex® RELIEF™ - Now Available

New Product: The Mediflex® RELIEF™ Handle

The Mediflex® RELIEF™ Handle is now available to combat muscle tension and chronic symptoms caused by laparoscopic instrument use.

This solution is an ergonomic reusable instrument handle which combines with the Mediflex disposable tips to provide a first-class surgical solution at a competitive cost.

- Addresses repetitive motion discomfort and injuries experienced by surgeons.
- Reduces muscle nerve and tendon stress associated with grasping and gripping.
- Reduces tension on all muscles of the hand, arm and shoulder.
- Allows the thumb to follow its natural sequence and range of movements.
- Is ambidextrous.
- Is available on Mediflex® Cutting Edge and Deluxe Instrument Systems.

The ambidextrous Mediflex® RELIEF™ Handle has a unique pivoting ring handle which reduces muscle, nerve and tendon stress associated with gripping laparoscopic instruments.


FreeHand at MiliPol - Qatar

We are pleased announce that the FreeHand system will be on display with Leader Healthcare on stand D039 between 31st October – 2nd November 2016


FreeHand Poster Presentation

Mr Subar is presenting his findings of using the FreeHand for laparoscopic liver surgery at the 2016 AUGIS Conference in Leeds.

Poster 180 – Titled: Is the use of a robotic camera economically viable? A cost comparison of surgical assistant versus robotic freehand in laparoscopic liver resections

It concludes: the robotic camera was safe and feasible to use. It was calculated to be more economically than an experienced surgical assistant. The robotic camera negates the financial need for one of the two assistants.


Visceral Medicine 2016 Congress

The FreeHand is being demonstrated at the Visceral Medicine 2016 congress from 21 to 24 September 2016 in Hamburg.

For more information please click here


Published Paper

A new paper has been published on training with FreeHand with a group from the ICENI Centre, Colchester University Hospital and Anglia Ruskin University. It shows how quickly and easily competence to operate the device can be accomplished in a non-clinical situation with a group of 20 surgeons. At the conclusion of three short sets of exercises, 85% of users reported 'effective control of all movements' or 'competent intuitive movements' . In the final set of exercises, 95% of the surgeons completed them with a 'perfect' combination of head and foot movements.

Mohammed Sbaih, Thanjakumar H. A. Arulampalam & Roger W. Motson (2016): Rate of skill acquisition in the use of a robotic laparoscope holder (FreeHand®), Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies, DOI: 10.1080/13645706.2016.1182031


Distribution of Midiflex Products

OR Productivity is delighted to announce that it has reached an agreement with Amdel Medical ( to distribute Mediflex Surgical Products ( as sub-distributor with immediate effect in the South East and South West of the UK. Under the terms of the agreement Mediflex Surgical Products will be sold alongside the FreeHand robot. This provides an extensive range of complementary products that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of minimally invasive surgery, thereby allowing the UK sales and clinical specialists to provide a more complete offering to hospitals.

In the USA, the FreeHand robot is commercialised on an exclusive basis by Flexbar/Mediflex Surgical Products.


Mr Tan Arulampalem - Advisory Board.

We are delighted to announce that Mr Tan Arulampalem has joined our Medical Advisory Board. Tan is a Consultant General Surgeon with an interest in Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgery at Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust.

He is Clinical Director of the ICENI Centre in Colchester and a Reader at Anglia Ruskin University. He is on the Council of the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and on the Board of the International Society of Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgeons. He is active in research, teaching, training and has acted as a Medical Advisor to BBC Drama.


Join us at the EAES 2016

We will be on Stand 60 at the 2016 European Association for Endoscopic Surgery Congress in Amsterdam

Come and see the FreeHand System and understand why it should be the default standard of care for laparoscopic procedures

Also at the meeting surgeons from Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust will be publishing a posters on the ease of training with FreeHand.


Getz Healthcare Agreement

We are delighted to announce that we have signed an agreement with Getz Healthcare, part of the Getz Group of companies, who will be distributing FreeHand in Australia with immediate effect


ACP Agreement Announcement

We are pleased to announce a collaboration between Freehand 2010 Ltd and Asia Cardiovascular Products Limited who will work together to introduce and support the FreeHand technology in Asia.


Dr Robot Assists

FreeHand has been working at the Danube Medical Center in Hungary

A short video can be found on the Duna Medical Center website by following this link.


SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting

The FreeHand System will be exhibited at SAGES 2016 by our USA distributor Mediflex

Click here for more information


ALS GBI 2015

Freehand will be exhibiting at the 2015 ALSGBI Annual Scientific Meeting at Southport


Freehand presents at the RSM

Jeremy Russell (CEO) to present - The use of a robotic camera holder in dry-lab training and simulation at the royal Society of Medicine

Click here to view the Facebook clip of us promoting the system in the RMS Cardiothoracic section


Video guides available

See the new video guides introducing, setting up and using the FreeHand System

All the video content can be found on this site under The Product menu, Video Guides

For further information please contact us on

To see the complete guides click here

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